Our Orthomolecular Referral Network


For orthomolecular professional referrals, please call our Toronto clinic. Our clinic is dedicated to nutritional orthomolecular therapy for schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, ADD and OCD.

We provide referrals to professionals that we find invaluable in serving a community interested in achieving mental health.

These professionals include:

Orthomolecular holistic nutritionists

These professionals are important for clients that are not used to making their own meals or, are less savvy when it comes to shopping and cooking creatively. Sometimes all it takes is a few pointers to get patients off in the right direction.  It is a lifestyle change that requires added work.  Orthomolecular minded holistic nutritionist’s understand the diversity of dieting techniques and are great at helping people to meal plan.


These professionals help you to build a story line of your life and help you to implement powerful lifestyle techniques such as cognitive behaviour therapy. 


These professionals are important if we need to establish a diagnosis or get a baseline on new patient status after treatment.

EMDR specialists

This eye movement therapy has been useful in helping many of my clients to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsions.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) specialists

EFT helps clients to release emotional ‘baggage’ appropriately

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) group specialists

MBSR is an OHIP covered physician-led group, with eight 2.5 hour weekly sessions in the department of mental health. Treatment modalities include yoga,  sitting and waking medication, ‘body scan’, and group discussion.

Holistic dentists

One of the most invasive species of mercury is the inorganic form found in metal dental fillings.  Dental amalgam removal eliminates this free radical source that has such profoundly influence on memory and global mental health.  We refer only specific dentists with vast skill in removal procedures. 


Determining food intolerances is an important aspect of orthomolecular mental health treatment. I often rely on elimination dieting as an assessment technique but many clients opt to support assessments with OHIP-covered lab testing. We have MD allergist referrals for this purpose.

Electro-dermal test (EDT) specialists

Determining food intolerances can also be assessed by an EDT specialist. Many clients opt to support our diet assessment with EDT. We have specific EDT referrals for that purpose.

Colon therapists

Many clients are constipated and have less than two bowel movements per day and less than two feet of stool transit. Skilled colon therapists can be pivotal in helping people achieve orthomolecular mental health. The route of removal of most heavy metals is via liver-bowel. This means that clients need to have efficient bowel movements.  I have specific botanical and nutrient interventions that are quite effective but some clients require the added help of a colon therapist. This is especially important for clients with moderate to severe constipation, a common occurrence in those with poor or sluggish thyroid function.  


Many General Practitioner’s (family doctor’s) are open to providing complementary care and invaluable lab assessment under their OHIP. For Psychiatrist referrals, please contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons website to find a local psychiatrist that preferably has clinical trial experience and 10+ years experience.


Chiropractors help clients achieve optimal joint health but are also certified to prescribe nutritional therapy.