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The Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic is an Oakville clinic that uses Orthomolecular and Naturopathic Clinical Nutrition to treat an array of general and mental health conditions.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a health care system that addresses the root causes of illness and considers individual physical, mental, emotional, genetic, social, and environmental factors.

Naturopathic Doctors are a highly educated part of a regulated healthcare profession that integrates science and standard medical diagnostics with a broad range of natural therapies.

Naturopathic Doctors work in partnership with other regulated healthcare providers to ensure patients receive the most comprehensive and effective care possible.  Naturopathic treatment can be done safely along side standard drug therapy.

Dr. Pataracchia ND

Dr. Raymond J Pataracchia ND 

Clinic Director

Orthomolecular Medicine

Targeted Nutritional Treatment is an Orthomolecular* approach that uses lab testing with the aim of correcting a person’s key nutrient and physiological imbalances.

* ‘Ortho’ means ‘to correct’ and in terms of health, ‘Orthomolecular’ medicine is a treatment modality that aims to correct body system imbalances with natural non-drug substances.

In terms of our physical and mental functioning, extensive research shows that our body and brain are influenced by stress and other biochemical factors that have profound harmful effects on us.  Left uncontrolled, these factors can create chronic states of mental and physical compromise.

Without the physical health of the digestive tract, liver, adrenal or thyroid, the brain cannot function well.  There are about 15 classic nutritional syndromes that effect both physical and mental health and when these basic chemical pathways are corrected the whole body can benefit.  Clinical Nutrition treatment can be done safely and complement standard drug treatment.

Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic

We provide professional care that can help you. Our Naturopathic Medical Team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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Clinic Reception & New Patient Inquiries: Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm

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Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic

We provide professional care that can help you. Our Naturopathic Medical Team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara

The Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic (NMRC)

All prospective patients interested in treatment should contact our Team by calling (905) 491-6930


The NMRC was founded in 2001, and has been providing Orthomolecular Clinical Nutrition to the public since.

Located in Oakville, Ontario, The NMRC is focused on longevity and improving the mental health of all Ontarians.

Our targeted mental health treatment and stress management program is among the most comprehensive and focused Orthomolecular interventions provided in North America.  The basic premise of Orthomolecular Medicine is to address the cause of a condition as opposed to palliating it.


What is this ‘Orthomolecular’ Mental Health Treatment all about?

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Redefining Mental Health

Using the current drug-based medical approach:

1) The undiagnosed go ‘under the radar’

2) Those taking psychiatric drugs are often imposed with greater risks than benefits

3) A significant portion of people that take psychiatric drugs have difficulty coming off them and this sets the stage for long-term complacency


Using an advanced Orthomoelcular approach:

1) About 50% of all compliant cases that we treat are much improved with targeted Orthomolecular medicine

2) 40% often meet improvement goals with symptom alleviation allowing them the ability to sustain lower effective doses of medication and/or the ability to get back to work or continue on previous vocational directions

3) 5% remain unimproved due to the magnitude and severity of presenting imbalances or due to the negative influence of psychiatric medications

4) 5% that are non-compliant understandably do not improve

5) Early detection intervention has the most significant potential when Orthomolecular clinical nutrition is employed

We wish you all the Best in Health!

Dr Raymond J. Pataracchia BSc ND

Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic, 2275 Upper Middle Rd E, Oakville ON, Canada, Suite 101