Feeling toxic? … Here we discuss how drinking good water and removing mercury can help you detoxify.  


Efficient kidney, bowel, and liver toxin elimination are necessary if our aim is to maintain optimal health.  If these organs fail to do their job, toxins will pass to the skin (causing itchy skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis), the brain (causing brain fog, mood changes, irritability, behavior changes), and other organs. 

The previous blog looked at ways to improve a sluggish liver.  Here we look at general kidney detoxification and kidney related mercury detoxification.

To maintain efficient body systems we should not only detox regularly but we should also correct the most common nutritional syndromes associated with optimal health and longevity.


Kidney Detox Basics

The kidney eliminates toxins that are made water soluble by the liver.  To reduce the stress on the kidney we should avoid common toxic sources including processed food, food additives, city water, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, industrial pollutants, pesticides (vegetables), household cleaners, petro chemicals, and paints.


Water Quality & Kidney Health: The BodyMindLink

In cases of kidney disease, it is not uncommon for doctors to prescribe high water intake to flush out toxins.

Pure water consumed on its own throughout the day is essential.  Adults should get at least 8 glasses of water a day, kids over 90lbs should get 4 glasses per day.

There are many reasons why consuming distilled or reverse osmosis water may be a better choice than city water.  The health ramifications of poor quality city drinking water include associated acidic diseases (cancer, kidney/gall stones, bone disease, aging, etc.) if water is below a pH of 7 (softer water), lead toxicity (neurological problems, mood issues, ADD, etc.), iodine deficiency (hypothyroidism, fatigue, poor concentration, poor growth), chlorine excess (chlorine opposes iodine uptake which is needed to maintain optimal thyroid function), magnesium deficiency (poor sleep, menstrual problems, reflux, cramping, twitches), copper excess (mood problems, menstrual issues, psychosis, ADD) or copper deficiency (aneurysm risk, mood problems, reduced ‘good’ cholesterol levels), osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.


Kidney Detox & Mercury Toxicity: The BodyMindLink

The kidney provides the main route of removal for mercury, and mercury is one of the most invasive of all the heavy metals.  In clinical practice, mercury toxicity is not that uncommon.  In humans, the main source of inorganic mercury comes from immunizations and dental fillings and this form of mercury is the most damaging.  Mercury can be passed in utero to offspring and many associate this as a causative factor of behavior disorders such as autism and ADD.  Fish are a source of organic mercury which can be damaging as well, especially in those that eat a lot of fish or those that are long time consumers.  Protocols for heavy metal removal are important for overall health in those that are toxic.   You need to be sure that you correct sluggish thyroid function before removing mercury as this glandular system weakens considerably in such toxic situations.  In the book Minerals in Health and Disease, you can explore more on the overall health effects of mercury and other heavy metals.


Bowel Detoxification

The third Detoxification blog of this series will discuss bowel detox issues.


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