Family Health

Who typically navigates the care of family health matters? … It’s usually the Mom and today we see more and more Mom’s discovering advanced clinical nutrition as one of the most useful options available.  If you live in Toronto, the GTA, Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, or Buffalo, you might consider the advantages of our nutritional approach.

Family Health Care  

Today we are seeing women and more specifically Mom’s, as the focal force of the family unit, the central motivators when it comes to health care.  In the family unit, it is often the Mom that initiates medical intervention early on before the problem worsens.

Women today are looking at alternate options for family health care, especially when mainstay approaches have proven unproductive.  If your aim is to provide long lasting symptom improvement for yourself or a family member, it’s best to treat the cause of the problem.  There are a many treatment options out there that aim to control symptoms, but these often provide only partial short term relief.  By contrast, a comprehensive lab-based nutritional approach can reveal biochemical and physiological factors at the root of the problem.  In our clinic, we look at the top nutrient syndromes associated with optimal health and treatment involves nutritional supplement support, Naturopathic treatment, and diet change.

Nutrition Conscious Mom’s: Family Health Perspectives

Nutrition conscious Mom’s often come in for treatment and a common complaint is fatigue.  Sometimes they bring in their children, a teenage daughter for example, who also complains of fatigue.

With targeted lab testing, we often find overlapping imbalances between mother and daughter and, chief among these is often sluggish (low) thyroid metabolism.  Low thyroid function is associated with a huge array of symptoms (see below).

Other biochemical layers commonly found in a mother and daughter pair include: 1) low iron which makes it difficult to make thyroid hormone; and 2) heavy metals that oppose active thyroid hormone manufacture.

Mom and daughter low thyroid cases are not uncommon and health-related-syndromes among family members commonly overlap.  For example, if copper excess, mercury toxicity, or Hashimoto’s low thyroid (autoimmune hypothyroid) is found in the Mom, it is also commonly found in one or more of the children.


From a family health perspective it’s important to note that these health-related-syndromes are determined by an assessment approach that is different than that provided in mainstream healthcare.

These types of patient cases are typical and respond well with comprehensive advanced clinical nutrition approaches.

Sluggish Thyroid Symptoms: The BodyMindLink

From a health perspective we see sluggish thyroid in cases with fatigue, constipation, dry skin, brain fog, depression, poor stress tolerance, mental focus, insomnia, and a wide array of global health symptoms.  This is due to the fact that thyroid hormone is essentially the green light in the body for all cells to make the specific proteins that they need to fulfil their predestined role.  This is why we see low thyroid cases associated with a vast array of symptoms and sensitivities.


The BodyMindLink series by Dr Ray Pataracchia ND provides insight on Nutritional and Naturopathic approaches that matter most and have the potential to benefit general and mental health.   Clinical approaches discussed are implemented by the Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic (NMRC) in Toronto, Ontario.  This clinic treats a wide array of health conditions. 

Disclaimer: Information provided is not to be used for self-assessment, diagnosis or treatment.  We advise readers to discuss these topics with their health care provider or book an appointment with our Toronto clinic.