BodyMindLink Healthy Smoothies Getting that toxic feeling? … Try doing a detox smoothie after a major holiday or at the beginning of every change of season.  

Detox Smoothies for Life

Here are some fantastic detox smoothies!  It is a good idea to do a variety of detox smoothies to clean all the major routes of detoxification.  Many find it best to do smoothies daily for 1-4 weeks at the beginning of every change of season. The liver, bowel, and kidney become sluggish for various reasons.  Our recent three part detox series covered detoxification aspects related to the liver, bowel, and kidney.  By cleansing or detoxifying these main organ systems you free up cell blockages and enable cells to work efficiently on the duties that they are destined to do.  After detoxifying, the usual response is a healthy feeling.  If you feel sluggish after doing some of these smoothies it may be because you are clearing out an organ system that has a bulk of toxins, so go slow and rotate your regimen if one smoothie causes too much sluggishness. Toxic elimination can be kept at bay by doing detox regimens regularly but the cause of the toxicity may run deeper and involve the correction some of the top orthomolecular imbalances which include thyroid under-function, heavy metal toxicity, protein catabolism, and under-methylation. Below are detox smoothies that have an affinity for cleansing the primary organs of elimination – the liver, kidney, and bowel.  

Detox Smoothie Basics

It’s best to mix ingredients with a juicer or blender that doesn’t overheat the mixture, for example, with a NutriBullet®.  If using a juicer, it is not necessary to squeeze the lemons, limes, or oranges. Keep it simple and according to preference.  For example, you can substitute ingredients according to preference; you can substitute apples for pears, strawberries for raspberries, spinach for kale, or flax for hemp or chia, coconut milk or almond milk for water.  If the smoothie isn’t sweet enough, add stevia or honey.  Add frozen fruit equivalents or ice if you prefer but remember not to make really smoothies too cold as cold inhibits digestion. Fresh organic produce has less toxins and often better flavor.  Please wash all produce well.  

Liver Detox Smoothie: Tropical Wonder 

Pineapple (skin removed) (¼ of whole pineapple)  +  Ginger (peeled) (~3cm x 3cm)  +  Mint Leaf (x½C)  +  Pure Water (or Coconut Water) (x½C)  

Liver & Gall Bladder Detox Smoothie: Beet-le Juice

Beet (x1)  +  Lemon (peeled, squeezed) (x1)  +  Carrot (x1)  +  Parsley (x1 handful)  

Liver, Gall Bladder, & Colon Detox Smoothie: Orange Twist 

Orange (peeled, squeezed) (x2)  +  Dandelion Greens (or Arugula, Rapini, Curly Endive, Radicchio) (x½C)  +  Celery (x½ stick)  +  Parsley (x½C)  +  Lemon (peeled, squeezed) (x1)  

Liver Gall Bladder, & Colon Detox Smoothie: Green Sea 

Kale (2C)  +  Swiss Chard (1C)  +  Cucumber (x½)  +  Lemon (peeled, squeezed) (x½)  +  Lime (peeled, squeezed) (x1)  

Kidney Detox Smoothie: Watermelon Flush

Watermelon (2C)  +  Lime (peeled, squeezed) (x1)  

Kidney Detox Smoothie: Carrot Cleanse

Carrots (peeled) (x2)  +  Cucumber (x1 large)  

Kidney Detox Smoothie: Radish Cleanse

Radishes (1C)  +  Purple Cabbage (1C)  +  Celery (x1 stick)    

Dr Ray Pataracchia ND provides insight on Nutritional and Naturopathic approaches that matter most and have the potential to benefit general and mental health.  Clinical approaches discussed are implemented by the Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic in Oakville, Ontario.    

Disclaimer: Information provided is not to be used for self-assessment, diagnosis or treatment.  We advise readers to discuss these topics with their health care provider or book an appointment with our Oakville Clinic.  Some detox protocols can alter blood sugar levels and cause sluggishness dependent on the level of toxicity.  These smoothies are not to be used if you have blockages in your gall bladder, kidney, ureter, or bowel.