Did you know that “Schizophrenia Ranks among the top 10 causes of disability in developed countries worldwide”? … If you hear voices or have delusional thoughts and you live in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton or Niagara, you should consider advanced clinical nutrition for schizophrenia.

In my clinical experience, about 40-60% of cases treated early with advanced niacin therapy are positive responders with good to profound improvement success and, while another 30% maintain mild improvement, another 20% do not improve at all.

Research shows that the vast majority of schizophrenics are never able to work and re-hospitalization is the largest cost to society.

The Story of a 24 Year Old Female with Schizophrenia

This report is about a young adult female who loved life but in June of 2012 started hearing voices and having bizarre delusional thoughts.  She began to think that people were communicating with her, that she had the power to constipate people and to stop it the police would have to kill her or she would have to do it herself.  She ‘felt as though bits of her body were being shaved off, that she was shrinking’.  She was hospitalized and placed on Risperidone, 1mg per day.  She was released but re-hospitalized again in March 2013 where she was placed on higher doses.  She feared police would give her a lethal injection.  She was released from the hospital where she then planned to starve herself.  In September her energy levels improved and she maintained more optimistic that others were not constipated by her influence.  She was maintained on Risperidone, 5mg per day, Quetiapine 25mg bedtime, and Cipralex, 20mg per day.

When she came to my clinic in October 2013 (16 months post-onset) the hallucinations and delusions remained ingrained and debilitating but she had no plan to commit suicide or starve herself.  Her morning energy level was low.  She had difficulty swallowing pills suggesting iron deficiency.  She had muscle twitches in her calf and eyelid suggesting magnesium deficiency and it took her 1 hour to fall asleep (her ‘brain wouldn’t shut off’).

I treated her with advanced niacin therapy and noted the following improvements:

Within 1 month:  voices gone almost completely (i.e. 10% remained), 10-20% increase of energy and alertness, she had retrospection of her past, didn’t buy into delusional thoughts as much (90% reduction), improved skin complexion, muscle twitches were gone.

Within 4 months: gaining more insight that her delusions were false, her hair shined, had better ability to understand academic assignments and get them done, happy, smiled often, improved energy, tolerated stress.

Within 7 months: voices and delusions were non-existent, working with her medical doctor to maintain the lowest effective dose of medication (Ciprolex discontinued), falling asleep within ½ hour.

Within 13 months: not as drowsy, getting up earlier, Dad says ‘she hasn’t had motivation like this in years’, no problem falling asleep, started restaurant job, socially integrating with peers and at home.

Within 16 months: voices remerged in low intensity over 2½ months, scared, but feeling better with nutrient adjustment since 2 weeks.

Within 19 months: mental state improvement maintained, graduated with University honors degree, medical doctor maintaining lower effective doses of Risperidone, independent, working out regularly, found new job.


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