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Do your kids eat a solid breakfast before leaving for school? … If not, you may consider a Paleo breakfast routine.  A Paleo breakfast is associated with better behavior functioning.  If you live in Southern Ontario, Toronto (GTA), Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, or Buffalo you might consider our nutritional approach.

An advanced nutritional approach for ADD can be pivotal.   As with any human health condition there are a number of top nutritional syndromes to consider.  In ADD we often see food intolerances, under-methylation, and vitamin B3 deficiency.  To address these issues comprehensive lab-based assessment approach is often the best approach.  One of the more commonly discussed topics on behavior is the brain gut connection but here we will be discussing diet.

A key component in correcting behavior (ADD or otherwise) is getting in a solid breakfast with high quality protein.  If you consume high quality protein you have a greater ability to form neurotransmitters on demand.  This is because proteins are the main building blocks of neurotransmitters.  When neurons have a ready supply of neurotransmitter they can function more efficiently in their role of regulating mood, thinking and behavior.

What is Paleo?

By definition Paleo is a diet that attempts to match the diet consumed by our ancestors which was high in meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables and excludes processed food, dairy and grains (corn is included in this context).

The elimination of grains especially gluten has long been considered important in improving overall health and brain function.   The total elimination of grains is difficult for many but can reduce carbohydrate associated health risks (obesity, hypoglycemia, behavior vacillations).

High Protein Paleo Breakfast:  Sweet Potato Recipes

  1. Sweet Potato Sausage & Egg Boats

Cook sweet potatoes in oven at 325-350°F for 45-60 minutes, take out, let cool.  (Baking can be done the night before.)  Scoop out the middle and puree with fork.  Cook gluten-free sausage in skillet, separate then dice into small pieces (take off outer casing if not using breakfast sausage).  Cook whipped eggs in same skillet then separate into mixing bowl (note that you can add water when whipping eggs to add fluffiness and prevent dryness).  Add sweet potato puree and diced sausage and mix to consistency.  Add this filling mixture to cut-out sweet potatoes.  Broil boats until golden brown.

  1. Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Add a layer of shredded sweet potatoes to skillet heated with coconut oil on medium heat.  Add chopped chives and seasonings (Celtic sea salt, garlic powder, pepper).  Cook until bottom is golden brown.  Cut into 4 or 6 sections, flip individual pieces and cook until golden brown.  The hash browns can be eaten alone or with dip as a side dish or lunch appetizer.  You can add a fried or poached egg with slices of cooked sausage and sliced avocado.

  1. Sweet Potato Bacon Hash

Cook one inch pieces of bacon to crispy consistency in skillet over low-medium heat.  Remove bacon pieces then mix diced sweet potatoes into skillet with 1/8th inch or less of the rendered bacon fat and cook until golden brown and soft.  Then add diced bell peppers, zucchini, and/or onion and cook on high until these vegetables start to soften.  Mix back in bacon pieces and remove from heat source.  Then make small depressions in the mixture where you can break an egg into, add eggs and place in oven preheated to 375-400°F; cook until eggs set.


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